Prototyping With Object Matrix

Recently I did some prototyping with Object Matrix a company based in Cardiff

The goal was to build a system based upon the VideoJs framework that can clip a section utilizing bif thumbnails that the large services like Netflix and AWS use the timeframes can then be sent to another service to clip the video. For instance in the s3bubble app app we clip the video using ffmpeg.

ffmpeg -y -i input.mp4 -ss 20ms -to 1200ms -copyts clipped.mp4

Here is the project.

You can run it by simply cloning the git repo.

git clone

Cd into the project folder and run npm start you will see a version opened at http://localhost:9999

Really liked the prototyping aspect of this project it was fun work with Object Matrix. I have taken some of the functionality built here and integrated it into the desktop app built for s3bubble you can download the app here

If you trim a piece of media locally you will see they use similar layouts.