FFmpeg Combining Adverts

I decide to have a little prototyping session and wanted to see how easy it would be to split a movie into multiple sections based on milliseconds and then insert adverts and combine it all back together in one movie. You can see my progress on GitHub. To run...

EZDRM Cloudformation Template JSON & Setup

Here is a Cloudformation template that can be used with AWS Cloudformation service to create a SPEKE server and also setup the licence server with EZDRM. You need to create a file with this contents. import base64 from key_server_common import ClientResponseBuilder, ServerResponseBuilder def server_handler(event, context): host = event['headers']['Host'] stage...

Creating A Multipart Uploader With The New AWS NodeJS SDK

In this post I will go through an share some code and issues that came accross when building and uploader with the new AWS V3 Node SDK. You can find the docs for the new SDK here. I would also suggest keeping an eye on the Github repo